Building A Scalable Data Warehouse With Multivariate


September 7, 2022

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Setting up a data infrastructure has 3-4 major components - which are as follows:

  • Ingestion from Sources via ETL Pipelines (Fivetran, Stich, Panoply)
  • DBT (Optional - Hevo)
  • Database (Bigquery, Redshift, Snowflake)
  • Visualisation Tool (Tableau, Mode)

Setting up a data warehouse - the old way

Hiring data engineers, working with custom solutions is very difficult and expensive. Moreover, there are various caps that you have to consider while setting it up - for example - some ETL companies keep pricing based on connectors - in addition to the number of rows processed. It all works out to be very expensive setup.

Each segment has the below limitations:

  • Number of rows processed
  • Number of source connectors (Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Hubspot etc).
  • Data stored.
  • Data edited/updated.
  • Number of users - in case of visualisation tools.

We felt all this cost was too much of an overhead - especially for small businesses that are just looking to get things up and running. Most of the businesses need well over 2M rows/day. And the cost of all this - comes in thousands of dollars.

Therefore, we decided to add all components together and keep pricing fixed only on the number of rows processed - with a base cost to run essential services.

Here's how our pricing looks like:

  • Pay on the number of rows that are processed per month.
  • Managed DB - pricing based on the GB of data stored - No limit on queries.
  • Visualisation tool - 5 users free, then $10/month/user.
  • 100+ Integrations - no additional pricing on the number of integrations that you use.

Pricing Comparison:

  • Over 50% lower than going with individual options.
  • Marginal cost of processing and storing data is 70% lower than other solutions.
  • No limits on querying your data.

Other advantages

  • Delegate the data handling to one company - no need to reach out to 4 providers for individual solutions.
  • Need new connectors? Tell us, and we'd build custom connectors.

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